Chainsaw Maid 1 & 2: Claymation Massacre

These two claymation shorts pack more gore and zombie attack intensity than most of the dreck lined up on my Netflix queue (Zombies of Mass Destruction?  Return of the Living Dead 5?)  The heroine in both is alternately sexy (which says a lot about the deft skill of TNT in bringing life to a lump of clay–or it might say more about me), brave, smart, and necessarily brutal.

In the first short, my only question is who is the woman who knocks on the door?  If it’s the man’s wife, then our chainsaw maid is a slutty chainsaw maid.

Chainsaw Maid

In Chainsaw Maid 2, our maid returns, the question of what happened to the man is answered, and certainly, if ability to wield a sawed-off shotgun is any indication, the foundational back story to Chainsaw Child has been put in place. Oh yeah, and the maid is still a little slutty in 2!

Chainsaw Maid 2


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