Dead Walkers Movie Review

Had a chance to checkout an indie zombie short called Dead Walkers this past weekend and true to form once again you can count on the indie filmmakers to use their passion and talents to deliver a unique and well executed new take on the zombie genre.

Directed by Spencer Estabrooks Dead Walkers tells the story of a bounty hunter and gunman Jack who stumbles into a town cursed with the undead with two criminals he just captured. True to form and somewhat typical the hero and the criminals must team up to survive the undead hordes in the form of undead town folks and a sherriff that are hell bent on making them into a tasty western snack.

Running 13 minutes in length the film is well shot with excellent production values and exemplifies what good indie filmmaking should be. The practical fx are very well done and for the most part the CG effects are also top notch. Being a traditionalist I would have liked a bit less over the top CG blood but its a minor complaint considering the overall quality of the short film. The film was very well polished and put together and will please every fan of indie filmmaking and with a bit of tweaking to the editing and a bit better score Dead Walkers could become an an underground hit with zombie film fans and easily spiral into a feature film. Considering the constraints of time and budget Dead Walkers deserves alot of praise.

Like any short film it felt a bit rushed and was over far too quickly but that is a compliment and not adetraction. When you watch a short film and feel it went to fast and you wished you had more it just goes to show that the filmmakers have the potential to do a feature film.

The last good zombie western I watched was Undead or Alive and I think with a good editing team Spencer Estabrooks and his team could turn Dead Walkers into a feature film that zombie fans would lineup to buy and see.

Deadwalkers will be playing on Movicentral on June 26th right after Zombieland airs and I encourage you to give it a watch and see what fine indie zombie filmmaking looks like.

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  1. Dfrost says:

    It was bad. Really bad. Ratings? I would give it at the most 2/10!

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