Top 5 Way to Kill a Zombie

There are a thousand different ways to kill a zombie, but some ways are more effective than others. Going after a zombie with a chainsaw might be cool looking, but you will be kissing your butt goodbye pretty quick. There are the top 5 ways to kill a zombie quickly and effectively.

Double tap to the head. Old faithful, whether it’s a hand gun, shot gun, machine gun or assault rifle, the most effective way to take out a zombie at a distance is a head shot from a gun. A shotgun can take a head clean off, but just be careful of the zombie blood backlash. A hand gun can is portable and effective even if it doesn’t have the greatest aim. Just remember to not bother shooting them in the chest, leg, back, etc. Remember, shoot for the head.

Take me out to the ball game. It’s a blunt instrument, but you’re going to get some good blood splatter if you smash a zombie head with a baseball bat. They only thing you have to worry about is making sure there is enough power behind it that you crack open the skull and plant some wood in the brain. Obviously, this a close range weapon and won’t do much good if you are surrounded.

Nuke’em – When the zombies have taken over and you’ve got no other recourse, the easiest and most luminescent way to take them out is with a nuclear assault. While it’s a last resort for most, it always seems like the military’s first choice. Most zombies will be vaporized within the initial blast zone. The explosion and rush of air will take care of quite a few as well, but don’t expect radiation poisoning to take any out. There is only one way to kill a zombie – shoot for the head.

It’s a trick. Get an Axe. The sound of an axe as it hits zombified head is music to my ears. That wet thunk and then pulling out the axe to see bits of skull and brain. Yummy!!! Everyone favorite hero, Ash of the Evil Dead trilogy, knows all too well the ways of the undead and warned one primitive screw head to get an axe before checking on the body of an undead witch. An axe is a popular weapon because you can get some good speed on it as it whacks into a zombie.

Helicopter – There is just something poetic about watching the blades of a helicopter slice off the head of a zombie. Dawn of the Dead is a great example of the perfect helicopter kill. As our pregnant heroine attempts to fly away from the Mall of the Undead, a stray zombie enters the rooftop and slowly shambles towards her and the top of his head is clipped by the blades. While in reality this might just screw up your blades and make you a prime zombie lunch, it still looks frickin awesome.


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