10 Of the Best Zombie Movies

Time for the first edition of Zombie studies. This go around we are writing about the Top 10 Zombie Movies. Those of you who are zombie fans should know that doing a top 10 list of zombie movies is pretty damn hard. I will not pretend that this is the be all end all list but I think we should be able to all agree that every film on this list is well worth watching. So without further ado here are The Top 10 Zombie Movies as I see it…. today. No doubt come tomorrow my opinion will change.

#10) FIDO: Fido is a fantastic canadian film which is a zombie comedy. It is based in the shiney happy 50′s only an alternate 50′s. Zombies are pets of sorts doing manual labour, maintaining the humans after a brutal war with the undead is won. The film is campy, funny, and gruesome. A great film and one well worth watching.

#9) Resident Evil: When I bought this film I was expecting complete crap. I heard how bad it was and the only reason I even bought it was because it was on sale. I bought it for $3 on DVD and really… can you top that price? Based loosely on the hit video games Resident Evil for me was an awesome action-zombie movie. Lots of intensity, lots of action and overall a pretty damn fun film. I was awful excited for the sequel which unfortunately sucked ass.

#8) This foreign film did not get alot of love on this side of the pond but really who cares. It is still a fun and original take on the zombie tale. A boy finds himself turned into a zombie after his mother can not live without him and finds himself fighting the urge to not just hook up with his crush at school.. but to also eat her. The film is funny, well written and packed full of cheesy gore. A fun time for sure!

#7) Shaun of the Dead: Shaun of the dead is one of the best zombie movies to come out in a very very long time. Its the definition of how I see the world coming to an end. Most films focus on heroes and champion the good guy. Shaun of the Dead is all about the slackers and what would happen if a couple of stoners were faced with the end of times. Shaun of the Dead is funny, dramatic, graphic and easily one of the best zombie comedies ever made…. period.

#6) Night of the Living Dead 1990: I fully expect alot of you to raise up in arms against me over putting the 90 version on my list and not putting Romero’s version on. I like both and both are fantastic films for their own reasons but for me… Tom Savinis version was better. Tom Savini is a jerk and it pains me to even admit that he is talented and not just at visual FX. This remake was produced by Romero and directed by Tom Savini and is a fantastic adaptation of the classic. If you have not seen it you need to. Much like all the other films on this list I have watched it easily 30 times. Fantastic film!

#5) Return of the Living Dead: Fantastic film. The followup to George Romeros Night of the Living Dead this zombie comedy is nothing like NOTLD but is also still a fantastic film in its own right. I love this movie and in all honesty I also loved the sequel. I have not seen 3, 4 and 5 yet. Sad that their are that many but I have heard after the sequel #3,4,5 all sucked ass. Return of the  Living Dead shows what happens when you leave chemicals laying around and a college kid and a dimwit get their hands on them and unleash the undead. One of the highlights in this film was Linnea Quigley doing the hottest strip tease ever in a horror film. She had one hell of a bod!

#4) 28 days later: Is it a zombie movie? Or is it a plague movie? Thats the debate but I say who gives a crap? A man wakes from a coma to discover the world has gone to hell in a hand bag and he is the lone survivor… or is he? Its a fantastic zombie movie with a truly unique take on the zombie virus and unlike alot of past zombie movies this one is scary as hell. Running, screaming, limb ripping zombies that dont lumber around. 28 Days Later is easily one of the best zombie films ever made and its use of fantastic story telling, great casting and some of the scariest zombies ever makes this film a must see. The follow up film 28 Weeks later was a pretty good film but lacked the magic of the first one. 28 Days later was shot on a small budget and delivered an outstanding thrill ride that was scary as hell.

#2) Zach Snyders Dawn of the Dead: George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead was really good and that is why when I heard of the remake I was pretty damn excited. It helped that Zach Snyder was directing. The movie is a remake in the sense it has zombies and its in a mall but the characters are all new and unlike Romero’s we once again see fast moving zombies. Zach Snyders film was terrifying. I loved that he showed us brief snippets from outside of the mall and set the stage as the survivors make their way to the mall. Its a fantastic hommage to Romero without ripping him off and is a must see for film fans.

#2) Dawn of the dead 1978: When I saw NOTLD I had no idea it was an entire franchise of films. I then found Day of the Dead and shortly after Dawn of the Dead. Picking between Day and Dawn was no easy task since I love them both but Dawn stood out mainly for its story and the elements of survival within. I loved the concept of holing up in a shopping mall to survive a zombie outbreak. The interesting mix of characters and the story were top notch and easily one of Romero’s best films. Dawn of the Dead is a movie all zombie fans must own and if you do not, you should not be calling yourself a zombie fan.

#1) Zombie: I should not have to explain why this one made the list much less the top spot. ZOMBI directed by Lucio Fulci is one of the first zombie movies ever made to really hit the stage and is also one of the best. Although technology has evolved and zombies have definitely gotten creepier Lucio Fulci gets credit for being one of the first to do it right. Gruesome, scary and apocalpytic Luci Fulci’s Zombi holds the test of time and is still a movie you must see!

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  1. spot on says:

    i’m afraid you’re missing quite a few! i found this list, i believe it’s much more comprehensive:http://www.zombieplace.com/zombie-movies

  2. Steve says:

    Not sure which is worse, your grammar or your lack of fact checking. “Alot” is not a word, it is “a lot.” The chemicals in ROTLD were not “laying” around, they were lying around – learn your transitive vs. intransitive verbs. And while we’re on the topic of ROTLD, it is NOT a “followup” to NOTLD. It has nothing to do with NOTLD, aside from the phrasing of its title. Not the same world, not the same production company, not the same rules of zombiehood.

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